Tomasz Tomczyk

I'm a software engineer and technical lead based in the UK, using mainly Elixir for my work.

First Elixir production app

I’ve recently got into Elixir and it’s been an absolute blast - the vibe I get is similar to when I finally caved in to embracing Ruby after a decade of working with PHP; only this time it doesn’t feel like I’m lagging behind.

GenStage for processing Jobs

We use Elixir at uSwitch to process user-submitted forms, sending the data to a 3rd party API and parsing the output saving the results to a database. The high-level outline of the Elixir process as a recursive loop looks like this

A modern Elixir pipeline for GitLab

I struggled finding an up to date guide or a template to GitLab pipelines for Elixir. I spent a lot of time tweaking my own and thought it might be useful to share.